OSCAR-js Source Code

    • Current stable development branch is on GitHub: https://github.com/caris/OSCAR-js
    • Repository can be cloned as follows:

      git clone https://github.com/caris/OSCAR-js
      Contributions to the code are welcome, but the write access to the repository is limited. If not familiar with GitHub, GitHub help provides a good starting point.

      If you are unfamiliar with using git or github, github hsa provided a useful setup guide.

      For any users behind a proxy (corporate users), you will need to configure your git proxy settings to access the code repository.

      git config --global http.proxy your.proxy.server:port
      This command updates your .gitconfig file as follows:
      	proxy = your.proxy.server:port

    OSCAR-js Mailing Lists

    All of OSCAR-js mailing lists are hosted on Google Groups. The two primary mailing lists (dev@ and users@) will have discussion threads for developers and users respectively. Please strive to be clear and concise when sending messages.